Best Link Building Strategies We Follow

Last Updated: October 23, 2020

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I would like to summarize the best link building strategies I’ve tried and also suggesting other ways that you can try in this post. It’s impossible to figure out what are the most efficient ways to do it because we usually do everything we can to improve our ranking.

Paid Methods

(I’ll list the ways I did first following by my suggested ways.)

  1. PBN Links
    1. I did purchase some PBN links from HPD about 2 years ago, they did improve my DA but it’s kind of expensive now. I heard it could hurt your ranking but I haven’t seen any negative effect yet.
  2. Paid Directory Listing
    1. There are directory sites that charge you a small fee to list your domain. I usually reverse look up my competitors’ links to locate those sites.
    2. These are examples:
  3. Purchase links (Link Insertion)
    1. I haven’t tried this before but someone recommended this to me. You can take a look
    2. The other well-known one is by Matt Diggity but it’s a quite expensive.

Free Methods

  1. Outreaching for guest posting
    1. I did try myself and hired a VA to help on this but it’s very time consuming. We followed the HPD training, I can pass you the info if you need it.  Most sites (especially competitors won’t take guest post anymore. At the end, we did do the blog commenting but no guest posting leads were obtained.
  2. Registered Services with Well-Known Sites
    1. You can get backlink by registering with sites such as and I’ve done a few in my first year.
  3.  *** Link Exchange with other site owners ***  (This is the one I like the most )
    1. I exchanged a few links with other people completely FREE with this FB group This is the method I like the most but it’s easier if you’ve more than 1 site.
  4. Build Do Follow Links
    1. This FB group have people sharing Do-Follow-Links:
    2. It’s not very effective because you need to look for sites that are related to your niches

Other Suggestions

These are some methods I’ve heard of from others but haven’t tried it myself:

  1. Link building with Infographics.
  2. Get organic links by providing FREE online tools on your site.
  3. Obtain a trademark of your domain name.
  4. Write about well-known vendors/suppliers in your niches and have them to link back to your site.
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