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Human Proof Designs – Is it really Human Proof?  


If you’re looking to build an online empire, no doubt Human Proof Designs have come across your search bar. You’ve read the reviews and seen the articles in magazines, but are they real? Can they help you start an online business with enough income to supplement your day job? Or should you take your last $798 to a poker website instead? 


Don’t worry! I was in your shoes two years ago with the same suspicions. My free time was spent learning what I could, but there wasn’t enough of it. When I started looking for help, I wasn’t sure who to trust. I needed a website, strategy, and better understanding of the world I was going to dive into. 


I remember what that felt like, the risk that came with handing over hundreds of dollars and not sure what would be on the other side. Because of that, I wanted to share my experience with you! Specifically, I want to talk about how Human Proof Design (HPD) has impacted my business and my life, detail the two years of working with them, and disclose truths of HPD that I haven’t seen spoken about online. But first, what is HPD?

Since 2013, Dom Wells has been the face of HPD. What started with one computer in Taiwan, is now a thriving business with employees and customers around the world. Proof of his successes lay within hitting $1 Million in revenue in 2017, two years after being listed as Entrepreneur’s Top 8 Online Entrepreneurs to Follow. They were both driven by a single mentality: provide quality. This mission has made Wells somewhat infamous in the online business community, creating a name and a brand that extends beyond the confines of web. 


Now, that mission is being championed by a new CEO, Byron Brewers, along with the help of COO Brad Vandenberg and Alejandro Meyerhans. Though these three musketeers have only officially been in business together for a few months, the changes and value-add that have come about from this shift have been remarkable. Let’s take a look at some of their current offerings. 

Website Creation

The foundation of HPD is its website development service. Now, while it is built on the same quality base, this isn’t your 2015 HPD website development service. The 2019 HPD offers a plethora of options, many a continuation from Wells’ time with the organization. Their options for website development are best thought of like starting a fire.

At a base level, you pay more upfront for the amount of work that still needs to be done in order to make a profitable affiliate website. There’s still the development, Google rankings, keyword processing… Everything you need to have a successful site. They pride themselves on helping your site though the process, but it is far from the finish line. They require patience and determination. 


Two Sticks + Friction

Human Proof Design Niche Website/Custom Niche Website – $798

No matter which site you buy, there are a few things you get access to on Day 1.
1. Access to their private Facebook group
This group not only gives you access to the people running and working in Human Proof Designs, but it gives you connections to other people in the same boat as you. As a business person, new or old, connections you make in any industry are important. These connections are critical for sharing information, advice, and asking questions when you need somewhere to turn. The community is an invaluable resource – be sure to use it! 

  1. Contact Information
    When I bought my first site from them, it was 2017. The first day of having the site, I got emails from the CEO and the COO explaining different pieces of the process and where I was headed. It felt great to be in such good hands and proved their reliability at the start. As someone who has had issues with online businesses in the past, this was a massive comfort.
    3. A Purchase Order Reciept
    This simply tells you what exactly you’ve bought! For me, at that time, it was:
    A. Custom Niche Site to be delivered in 4 weeks
    B. Keyword Research (only for custom sites)
    C. Content Started + Proofread


There was one hiccup – the delivery time of the final website. After the four week delivery date passed, I still was website-less. After weeks five and six, I reached out to Dom to establish a timeline. Upon letting him know of the delay, he included me on an internal email thread showing me the communications between him and the development team. I was able to speak directly to Owen on their team, who assured me of where they were in the process and that they fast tracked my website. The site was in my hands a week later! 


Their team has grown over the last few years since this, assuring it doesn’t happen anymore. However, I like to tell this story because it illustrates the customer service standard within HPD. As you’ll see throughout this article, GREAT customer service is one of the cornerstones of Human Proof Design. Any issue or question I had during this process was dealt with professionally and with respect.

Who Is This For Someone with:
– Time + Patience 

This is not an overnight success story – none of these are. These are real businesses. With this one especially, you’re buying into the long haul. 

  • Low Level Investor
    • This is the cheapest option! That does not suggest the quality of the website is lower than the others. It simply means you’re getting a fresh, new website. 
    • Desire to Learn
      • To build a successful website, you will need to learn some new things. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content generation, and general website maintenance to mention a few. Be ready to learn!


Aged Sites – $1.797+

Aged sites have already passed the 6 month mark, an important early barrier in terms of website traffic and rankings. This brings you closer to profitability, but these sites still require a good amount of work. You’ll get some sparks, but there is no guarantee it will catch or catch quickly. 


The first six months of any website, but especially one dedicated to affiliate marketing, are the most grueling. There is no denying that fact – no traction, shouting into a void – it can feel like nothing is happening. In my opinion, that time can be used wisely, but it would be better to prepare beforehand and start ahead of the curve. 


That’s why when people ask me, I usually advise using this option IF you satisfy two conditions:

  1. You have more money to invest
    Obviously, this is a more expensive option. If you aren’t willing to invest the money to have a pre-grown business, this isn’t for you. By definition, you are shaving off 6 months from success with this option. If that six months of work is worth more than the few hundred dollars more that you’re paying upfront, then go for it! 
  2. You have prepared for a launch

The Google training wheels are off and you’re website is ready for the big leagues. This option is good when you’re ready to undertake it. How do you know if you’re ready? You have: 

  • A general understanding of SEO
  • Articles/Ebooks + content either ready or prepared


If that sounds like you, then this is the option for you! But maybe you want a little more kindling for your fire, an explosion instead of a nice candle. Let’s take a look at the next option.


Starter Authority Sites – $5,400

Starter Authority sites are for people looking for a quick return on investment. There are many more opportunities to monetize and develop these sites into larger, long lasting projects quickly. These are a much more selective experience for people who are looking to invest quickly. Human Proof Designs personally works with you to decide which site will work best with your expertise or experience. This means any existing sites or past projects. With these websites, you’ll be working with their team to develop them into high traffic, money generating sites. 


This is for someone with:
– Patience and a Desire to Learn
These are assets that already took a long time to develop. They have high earning potential and require passing an application stage before you’re even allowed to put the money down. Beyond that though, the HPD crew will personally walk you through the process of making this site successful. But, if you are impatient or unwilling to learn, the site will most likely fail you. These two are primary requirements!


  • You have a Larger Focus

The exclusivity that comes with this particular option is due to the amount of effort and time required by the HPD team to maintain this level of site. While you are working on larger directions, the HPD team is deployed to organize and solidify the muscles of the website. This is hiring a good, quality team and becoming the CEO of an organization.


If you’re willing to put the money down and ready to learn, this option is like climbing up to the first drop in a roller coaster – it takes some time and is a little scary, but you’re going to get there. And it will be worth it. 

Burning Coal + Tinder:

Revenue Generating Starter Sites – Starting @ $2,297 – $10,000+

Revenue Generating sites are a brand new edition to the HPD offerings. They consist of sites who generated revenue this year! This does not mean profitable, it means someone made some money from it and it is your job to bring it the rest of the way. You don’t have to wait on Amazon Affiliate program acceptance either! These are the most expensive but hard to get wrong. It would be a cardinal sin to smother one.

These sites are the bonds of Human Proof Design – much lower risk. However, unlike a boring bond, these investments can turn over north of 100% investment within a very short time frame. They come with all the same normal, great features of HPD: plugins, unique themes, social media accounts… the usual. Unlike every other site they sell though, they also come with a very exciting few numbers: EXISTING RANKINGS AND EARNINGS. These numbers are that eventually determine how much the site can be worth (and how much you should be willing to pay). Again, in my eyes, they are the lowest risk because of one simple fact: they already work. If this sounds appealing to you, make sure you first have a few qualities:

  • Plans

Make sure you understand your niche before buying this site! Do some research, come up with a plan, consult some other business minds, and then commit. 

  • Reasons to Capitalize

Assuming you have the other two requirements, these sites are hard to get wrong. If you own other websites already, these can be great strategic purchases into a complimentary niche!

  • Ready to Go!

These sites are already very highly ranked on Google and other platforms. They are deeply designed and engineered, easily saving you anywhere from 1 – 2 years on development time + expenses. If you’re willing to put the money upfront to save that kind of time, then this is the site for you. 

Content Creation 


Purchasing content in 2019 has taken a new importance because of changes in ranking algorithms shifting toward interactions. Content is a massive part of the HPD business team. As a new affiliate marketer, you have an uphill battle in more than a few aspects of this business unit. Questions of what type of content, how to make sure it’s quality, time spent developing and many more will all pop up. Thankfully, HPD is here to help!

To date, they have written 26,000+ articles for clients and researched 45,000+ keywords – they are not new to this industry. Current option include:

Monthly Article Subscription – $109 – $659/month

These are automated and delivered, ready for publishing pieces straight to your website on a regular basis. You can choose between two, four, and eight articles per month, each at around 1000 words. This is a great option for the passive content creator working to develop other aspects of the business. Posting schedule, content quality, and consistency are all determined beforehand, leaving your efforts focused elsewhere! 


Article Packs – $299 – $1298

The effort of HPD is to develop and place quality writers at your disposal. Their articles are high quality in every sense. Of course, grammatically and organizationally, but they are relevant, SEO friendly and to specification. Better than that, they get delivered within a reasonable time frame and, given their quality, are reasonably priced. The quality of their website service has followed them into the article business as well!  


I purchased 20k words around Thanksgiving of last year with a 10%  off code. They took about 3 weeks to get to me, but they were pristine and well organized articles. As someone who has bought articles from other people on different websites, native or non-native, I can say that these are very high quality articles! I was very quick to order 20k more words because of how impressed I was – I cannot recommend this option enough!

Pro Tip: They usually have sales around Thanksgiving and July, so if you aren’t in a rush, wait till then! 

eBook – $249

eBooks are great for engaging solution oriented customers – it’s an even better way to expand an email list or content offering. Personally, I have used eBooks in the past specifically to develop email listings and generate organic sales leads – they work like a charm! Naturally, HPD saw this as an opportunity to expand! It’s a greAn eBook on any topic. 


I ordered one of their eBooks early on when they were still getting the process down. When you order an eBook, you’re guaranteed:

  • 3000+ words
  • 8 photos
  • Ghostwritten + Native English edited


My eBook came in a PDF file. Everything checked out! However, I had a few issues with the formatting – some of the paragraphs were interacting weirdly with the pictures. So, I quickly shot them a message letting them know about the issues I had with the final piece. A few days later, their final, finished eBook was sent over! I was over the moon – again, the customer satisfaction HPD touts is no false claim! It is the real deal. Click here to read more!

System Support

Last but certainly not least, HPD’s service offerings. This organization really does do it all. They’ve grown over the last few years to develop very specific and helpful support services to their clients. These services include: 

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    1. SEO Packages – $549 – $1499/month
    2. Press Releases – $149
    3. Monthly PBN Link Subscription – $249 – 675/month
    4. PBN Links – $499 – $675

Understand that SEO is the core of an affiliate marketing business. It doesn’t matter how great your content or how beautiful the custom website is, if nobody can find it, you might as well have gone to the gambling website. Of course, HPD has a brand new service to specifically address this demand. When you look into SEO development, it is important that you have a good understanding of the relevant components. With this service, HPD is saying, “Don’t worry, we’ll take it from here.” These are personalized solutions for your goals, sites, and strategy. As always, HPD has a bias toward prompt delivery and high quality technical research. I feel that this will not change with this new offering.


Private Blog Network (PBN) Links are a complicated way of saying “getting ranked higher on Google”. If you want to learn more about how these links work, click here. These are extremely important pieces within a larger SEO strategy; HPD comes to the rescue with 10 – 15 different links tested on their personal PBN network.

I do want to highlight one thing as well – the HPD PBN links are the best offer they have. Any other site costs significantly more for less links, or at least less thoroughly researched links. After some digging, I was able to find all of my links and the websites with which they were associated. Not only did each link bring me back to a 500 word article + image, helping my website to rank higher, they’re also leaked out. This means that search engines view them as legitimate sources of information. In my experience, other companies do not do this as well and are typically less effective. 


(We can include this if we want) However, I purchased the links back in 2018 when they were back at the price point of $299 + $8.87 oversee transfer charge. In 2019, they’re resting at a comfortable $499. That brings their PBN link product up toward the same level as some of their competition, making it strictly a question of quality and opportunity cost.

Though the price of the monthly subscription service has increased in recent months, I still believe it to be something worth investing in once you’re father down the SEO path. What else do they have?

  1. Keyword Packs
    1. Ready Made
    2. Custom Keywords
    3. Keyword Golden Ratio Method Keyword Pack

Keyword packs are critical for SEO development and understanding. For an individual without high cost tools, they can be extremely time consuming to research and develop an understanding. These packs are great for people looking for a quick SEO boost but not willing to put in the hours required developing a list of keywords.

Something of note is the difference between a Golden Ratio Keyword Pack and a regular set of keywords. Where you can get 1000+ researched keywords, the Golden Ratio applies a deeper level of research. Learn more about how the ratio was formed here.


  1. Trainings
    1. Human Proof Methods – $7
    2. Keyword + Content Method – $129
    3. Amazon Affiliate Course – $7
    4. Link Building Video Course -$7

These trainings specifically are great for understanding the thought process behind the magic and understanding how HPD operates. These are their principles and methods. As a rule, whenever you’re investing, it’s a good idea to understand the partner you’re signing along. I highly recommend these low cost classes simply for the understanding of HPD’s systems and theories. Another great way to learn about them? Check out their podcast here!

General Support

Regardless of what you buy, there is a guarantee that comes with HPD products. Assuming you buy the lowest cost, most basic product, each website comes with:

  1. A Quality, Unique Website
  2. Specialty training
  3. Lifetime access
  4. Community + Contacts


You pay a good amount. In the end though, you get more than you paid for. This is a great resource for someone starting out and weary of other brands. But that’s enough about Human Proof Design offerings and history. What about my personal experience with the organization?

Start Here Roger!: 


Their Claim My Experience
“You will have an EMPIRE” I have an empire. 


Extra Text: 

Brewer is software + traditional business practices. He adheres to SCRUM principles, lives for words like ‘synergy’, and is working to build up his four kid’s college funds. Maybe the outsider sense explains odd movements by the new CEO like switching his name for Wells’ in HPD authored articles. Where Wells was guided by the notion of lifestyle empowerment, it seems Brewer is more traditional. Which is fine; there is nothing wrong with that mindset. But what does it mean for their product?

Prices for the base website packages have not increased since Mid-2017, rising from a previous low of $479 to $798. However, with that increase in price came a diversity of new options and services, as well as a completely new tier of website. There have been a few price increases with regards to the article packs, jumping from ___ to ____. (PBN Links jumped from 


It seems as though prices have increased consistently with quality and offerings. Where before, they offered limited services and content, now they have expanded in all areas. Human Proof Design has consistently grown its offerings with price increases, now offering E-Books and an Article subscription service. Currently, there is no reason to suspect this will change, making HPD a good investment for the money. But just to make sure, let’s run Human Proof Designs through our Business Verification Test to show why we trust them. 


Turned onto niche marketing by Tim Ferriss’s book The Four Hour Workweek, amongst other books, Wells began investigating how he could apply those themes to his own life. He started his first affiliate site in 2012, generating only a few hundred dollars in the first 6 months. Within that process, he began to see an opportunity. Within many online websites, there were scammers taking advantage of new and hopeful beginners. They used the same exact websites, duplicated under a new domain. Their quality was unassumingly bad, yet they sold maybe 5 – 10 per day. Sensing demand, he began developing what would eventually become Human Proof Designs. A company that sold high quality websites. 

Since then, the company has changed to include link development, content posting, and many other services. But it has always relied on that singular mission for guidance. 


One thing you’ll notice about researching Wells is the fact that everyone is his friend. His influence within the online community is well documented, his businesses spread throughout various industries with many different business partners. I personally have never met Wells, but he has been a massive cornerstone of the business. For that reason, it was interesting to see him leave the organization about 5 months ago. His replacement? Byron Brewer.

In many ways, Brewer is the opposite of Wells. He lives in Texas with four kids and a wife, graduated from LSU undergrad and University of Texas M.B.A program. He has deep experience with coding and online entrepreneurship much before any involvement with affiliate sites. Within those experiences, he led and organized different project groups, seemingly both virtually and in person. Brewer primarily works as a stand alone project consultant under the name Project Consults Inc, the company that technically acquired HPD. What does this company look like now?

On Content: How does it work? In doing our research, we learned that the primary team of HPD professionals is located in the Philippines. These are content writers, yes, but also editors. Most of their content writing is done by a consistent stream of trusted professionals on platforms like UpWorks. Purchasing an article from HPD, it goes through their team and ready for upload within a few days. 


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